Lyme’s disease occurs after being bitten by ticks infected with bacteria of the Borrelio species. Lyme’s has been treated in America and Europe for many years, whereas Australia is only in early stages of medical recognition.

Australian native animals such as echidnas and kangaroos have been found to host the infected ticks. lt is further suspected that mosquitos may be contributing to the spread of this disease.

Lyme-like illness is very complex, as it progresses through three stages. Individual symptoms in the latter stages vary considerably in both severity and the organs affected.


I do testing for Lyme’s through NutriPath Laboratories. Some of these tests are complex and need to be sent to America for specific screening.

The most useful initial screening is the Western Blot test for $240.00. A more comprehensive profile may be done if this test shows positive results.

ln the chronic stages, progress is monitored via the Western Blot Test as well as the B.burgdorferi Immunoserology screening ($200). A further range of tests to monitor specific symptoms is done on an individual basis. The CDSA is most helpful to determine digestive issues as gut health is foundational.

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