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I offer a range of key laboratory tests to assist your personal health program:

Referrals are arranged for a range of tests using the same government accredited laboratories doctors use:

To find out more how the latest laboratory testing can assist you, contact Kathy.

Laboratory Test Summaries

Prices were correct at time of printing but may vary as laboratory costs change.

Food Sensitivity Profiles
40 Foods $230
60 Foods $290
100 Foods $380
120 Foods $450
200 Foods $550

Many people live with minor or major symptoms of adverse food reactions for years without ever suspecting the involvement of the immune system and the foods which trigger them. Food sensitivities may play a significant role in bloating, fluid retention, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, depression, mood swings, asthma, skin conditions and behavioural problems in children.

Omega-3 Index Test
Omega-3 Index Test is a validated test that measures your red blood cell levels of Omega-3 oils.


This test will allow you to check you are getting enough “good oils” through your diet and if needed fish oil supplementation.

A correlation has been found between your Omega-3 index and a range of health conditions that involve inflammation, with cardiovascular disease being a major one. As 4 out of 5 Australians do not get enough Omega-3, this screening test will allow you to ensure your level in the healthy, protective range.

It is a simple finger-prick test I do in my office at a cost of $75.

The laboratory results are then available within two weeks.

Adrenal Stress Hormones
This is an important test to determine adrenal function. Altered levels of Cortisol and DHEA-S are indicative of acute and/or chronic mental and/or physical stress. Prolonged stress causes increased secretion of Cortisol and can eventually lead to adrenal exhaustion and immune suppression.

Salivary Hormone Testing – Female Options
Basic $146
Extended $250

Saliva hormone testing provides an accurate assessment of hormones linked to menstrual irregularities for younger women, changes involved in the peri and post menopausal women, and andropause changes in men. Salivary hormone testing is unique in that it helps identify hormone imbalances which may cause chronic health problems. Results obtained from the tests make it possible to customise your hormonal treatment.

Male Hormone Profile
Basic $104

Andropause is the decline of testosterone in male ageing. Common symptoms include fatigue, obesity, muscle weakness, aches and pains, depression and loss of libido. The 4 hormones tested include Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol and Oestrogen.

Microbiome Mapping
Standard $380

This Is a stool-based test that screens for a comprehensive range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and worms. This provides you with a true quantitative detection value to correct when certain microorganisms become dysbiotic or otherwise causing health issues.


In addition to this, an extensive range of GIT chemistry tests are provided within the test. Markers associated with gut damage:
• Calprotectin
• Zonulin
• Glucuronidase
• Short Chain Fatty Acids
• Butgrate
• Acetate
Full explanations and treatment options, in an easy to understand format, is also provided.

Hair Mineral Analysis
Measures the levels and ratios of all minerals in your body, including toxic heavy metals. This analytical test will show any mineral deficiencies you may have, as well as toxic metals you may have accumulated. A full report of the health consequences of your profile, dietary and mineral supplementation suggestions to assist you to obtain necessary mineral balance is provided.

Lyme-like Illness
(and Mould / Biotoxin Exposure / CIRS)
These two conditions may result in very debilitating symptoms that are often misdiagnosed. A range of specific testing is now available.
ELISA – for Borrelia IgG, IgM / Borrelia Western Blot test / Extensive panel
Mould Biotoxin initial panel / MARCoNS nasal swab / HLA DQ/DR genetic studies

Complete Digestive Stool Analysis
Level 1 $150
Level 2 $240
Level 3 $280

This provides a comprehensive overview of your digestive absorption, intestinal function and microbial flora. This test will identify if you have any abnormal bacteria or yeast in your intestine. These indicators are useful if you suffer with constipation, diarrhea, wind bloating, abdominal discomfort or bad breath. Extensive detection of bacteria (beneficial and detrimental), parasites, and yeasts. This test will assess natural treatment options for any detrimental microbes found in your sample to facilitate targeted treatment.

Liposcreen LDL Subfractions
Traditional lipid profiles do not identify the risk of cardiovascular diseases that are caused by the presence of small dense LDL particles. New technology enables better risk identification through subfraction profiling of the different cholesterol components. Liposcreen Subfractions screening with or without Oxidised LDLs is available.

Sleep Profile
The sleep profile assesses two major causes of insomnia – imbalances in melatonin and cortisol. Melatonin is a hormone which helps control normal sleep patterns. Deficiencies of this hormone can lead to insomnia. Imbalances in the pattern of the glucocorticoid hormone cortisol can also lead to insomnia.

Medical Blood Tests
1. Liver Function Test $24.80
2. Iron Studies $38.10
3. C-Reactive Protein $14.75
4. Homocysteine $32.00
5. Cholesterol – Lipids $28.00
6. Fasting Insulin $31.10
7. Fasting Glucose $24.30
8. Thyroid Hormone $80.00
9. MTHFR Gene Test
Depression, infertility, mental health issues,
inflammation and heart disease may be
associated with MTHFR gene mutations.

Note: NutriPATH charge an additional $20 Kit fee per order where applicable

Many more tests available

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