This relatively common condition is one of abnormal muscular contractions within the colon, resulting in pain, diarrhea and/or constipation, bloating, and mucous secretion at times. There may be dietary sensitivities, heavy metal toxicity, imbalance of gut flora, intestinal permeability, or detrimental gut microbes (Blastocystis hominus is notorious) contributing to the condition.

In IBS, it is thought that symptoms may be a result of “information overload” within the gut. The combined effects of imbalanced gut flora, reactive foods, and leaky gut are creating a constant stream of nervous input into the spinal cord. This overstimulation results in a cycle of amplified pain. In the case of IBS beginning after a stressful event, it is the stress hormones that become the trigger. In that situation, the best treatment may be one that releases more of the neurohormone GABA to break the cycle.

I recommend screening for food reactivity and gut bacteria to clarify your specific triggers. Stress hormones are another option for screening.

A testimonial – Live life to the full… even with IBS

As a longterm ‘IBS’ sufferer of 35 years I understand the pain and fatigue that this syndrome brings.

I have now been under Kathy’s care for 10 years. She has provided a great understanding of how the body works & has advised a management program of a specific diet with supplements to support any deficiencies.

My health is now at a manageable level with an occasional “hiccup”! I have found that regular sessions with Kathy keep me on track and able to work & live life to the full!

Without this ongoing care & support I would no doubt be on a merry-go-round of doctors & specialists with little result! Been there, done that!

Kathy’s passion for health & healing benefits those under her care for the longterm!

Thanks Kathy!

-Sharon J.

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