My Treatment Approach

I will treat you as a unique individual, interpreting your symptoms within the context of your whole life. By treating the foundational problems, rather than the only the symptoms, the results will be long term.

Resolve Health Issues Easily

Kathy makes managing your health simple

I had a range of health issues including fatigue, low energy, and trouble concentrating. I knew that things like diet could have a big effect, but had trouble making good dietary choices on my own.

I saw Kathy regularly for several months and was able to get a big improvement in my quality of life.

Kathy provided clear, simple guidelines to improve my diet and nutrition, and helped me eliminate less helpful foods and incorporate more nutritious ones. She also prescribed several supplements which helped a lot with concentration and mood.

Her step-by-step approach and sound advice made it easy to resolve these otherwise-difficult issues.

I benefited a lot from seeing Kathy, and would recommend her to anyone looking for natural solutions to their health issues.