Everyone occasionally feels tired, but for some, the impact of fatigue may become debilitating. The invisible nature of fatigue may lead to suffering in silence, as underlying causes are often missed with basic medical testing. Fatigue, or Burnout syndrome, is the most common, unexplained complaint presenting to General Practitioners.

Screening Tests that may clarify underlying causes:

  • Saliva Cortisol levels- this is a stress impact test to clarify status of your stress hormones.
  • Iron studies-detail aspects of your iron levels, stored iron in particular.
  • Vitamin B12- is an important vitamin needed for energy, concentration, and memory. It helps regulate cortisol secretion.
  • Folate-is a common deficiency associated with MTHFR gene mutations.
  • Vitamin D- low levels are associated with fatigue as well as lowered immunity and brain fog.
  • Zinc-low levels may contribute to reduced immunity. Zinc levels are significantly lower in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients. Test by Hair Mineral Analysis, blood test, or simple taste test in my clinic.
  • Thyroid function- tends to be affected by stress. Screening is important, as treatment with specific nutrients may improve recovery time. A low thyroid level may be a temporary symptom of stress/fatigue.
  • Homocysteine and hsCRP-are both indicators of inflammation. Inflammation is strongly linked with fatigue conditions. The brain is very susceptible to damage from inflammation.

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