Consulting hours

  • 8.30am to 5:30pm, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri
  • Clinic closed Wednesdays

What to Expect

A detailed history of your health will be taken in order to ascertain the specific influences affecting your well-being. Diagnostic procedures may include blood pressure checks, analysis of your diet and zinc level tests.

If you suffer from depression a detailed questionnaire will be offered to you to assist in determining appropriate treatment.

Should more complex medical laboratory testing be required, the full range of testing at Healthscope is available. These include saliva hormone testing, stool analysis for parasites, bacteria, fungi or sensitivities, saliva adrenal function, hair mineral analysis and various more complex testing for digestive problems.

I am also able to order standard medical blood tests including liver function, cholesterol, blood sugar and insulin levels. You will need to pay for these but most tests are very reasonable.

  • A personalized treatment plan will be tailored to your individual needs taking into consideration your preferences.
  • You will not be subjected to unnecessary purchases or unmanageable dietary regimes.
  • Your confidentiality is assured.


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